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  7. Step 1: Create the Basic Universal Bot

Step 1: Create the Basic Universal Bot

  1. Open the Bot Builder.
  2. At the top right-side of the list of bots, click New Bot.
  3. From the list of bot types, select Create Universal Bot.
  4. In the Bot Name field, enter a name for the bot.
  5. Select the target audience for the bot from one of these options:
    • General Public: Select this option if the bot is for public use. In this case, bot assignments are not required and when the bot is deployed it is available for all users. Use this option to make a bot widely available for all user types.
    • Enterprise Users: Select this option if the bot is intended for only specific users in an account, for example, employees or paid customers. After this bot is approved and deployed by the Bots Admin, it is not available to users unless explicitly assigned by the Bots Admin. Use this bot when you want to control which managed users in your account can access and setup this bot on their devices.
  6. From the Bot Language drop-down list, select the default language for the bot.

After these steps, the universal bot gets created and is visible on your homepage. You must complete the next steps to add the desired functionality to the bot.

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