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Bot Builder Tool

The Bot Builder provides a web-based tool with a repeatable process to design, develop, test and deploy smart chatbots at enterprise scale. You can do all this even without the code, custom software, significant server space, or major changes to your infrastructure.

This section describes how our Bot Builder enables you to easily build chatbots for any use case or channel.

Quick Intro: Bot Building Simplified

Learn how to build, configure, train, test, and deploy a chatbot in less than 5 minutes.

The Chatbot Building Process

The following table lists the key steps in building chatbots along with links to useful documentation.

Define Connect Enable
Create a task that closely represents your bot

Connect with major Enterprise systems and channels; customize the bot for web and mobile

Refine your bot’s natural language using a step-by-step approach

Test Deploy Measure and Manage
Test your bot configuration and settings, from request chaining to intent recognition, conversation flow, and more.

Publish your bot to the desired users and groups

Manage updates centrally and measure ongoing performance.


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