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Troubleshooting Kore.ai Connector

Installing and configuring the Kore.ai Connector Agent involves many steps. And even after installation, you may need additional configuration to maintain connectivity between Kore.ai Bots and your on-premises applications. This topic describes some of the typical issues that may arise, and how to handle those issues.

Kore.ai Connect Agent Server Issues

Kore.ai Connector Fails to Start

Log Error Message: TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method ‘parse’

Solution: The server may have multiple node.js installations with different versions. You may need to specify which node.js version to run.

To check for versions, run the following command:

nvm list

This command may return:


To set the version to use, run the following command:

nvm use v4.0.0

The command should return:

Now using node v4.0.0

Client Issues

Users in your organization may experience connectivity issues with the Kore.ai Connector.

  • Error Message: “< Enterprise application >” is not reachable. Unable to communicate with the connector. Please try again.
    • Solution: The “virtualhost” entry in the Kore.ai Connector Install Dir >/config/configs/accesscontrol.json file is not defined, or is incorrectly configured. Verify the entry.
  • Error Message: The server returned an error. Try again later. (404 – System not reachable). 
    • Solution: Connectivity between the Kore.ai Connector on your application server and the Kore.ai Gateway is broken. The Kore.ai Connector Agent may have stopped running. You may need to restart the Kore.ai Connector on the application server.

Next Steps

If you cannot resolve your issue, contact Kore.ai Support.

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