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Create an Import File

You can create a file to invite users in your organization to become Kore.ai users that you can manage as an Bots Admin. This topic describes how to create a file that contains the email addresses and user information, such as first and last name, phone number, department, and so forth, for the users that you want to invite to become Kore.ai users in your account.

If you only have email address information for your users, you should create and import a bulk invite file instead. For more information, see Create a Bulk Invite File.

To create an import file

  1. In a text editor or spreadsheet, enter the field IDs on the first line, and then enter a complete email address and data on each following line or in a comma-separated list as shown in the following example:

For a .txt file:

Email ID, First Name, Last Name, Alternate ID, Work Phone, Title, Department, User Status



  1. Save the import file as a .txt or .csv file, for example, Kore.aiImport.txt or Kore.aiImport.csv.
    After you create an import file, you can upload the file to invite your account users. For more information, see Upload an Import File.
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