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Bots for your Customers FAQs

This article lists and answers Bots Platform upgrade questions.

What are Bots?

Bots are lightweight programs that communicate with applications or business systems on your behalf to get stuff done. An easy-to-use conversational interface enables users to talk to systems just like you talk to people using Natural Language Processing, or NLP.

What are Bots for your Customers?

Bots for your customers enables a company to enhance its customers’ digital experience on the Bots Platform when they use custom-built Bots created using the Bot Builder tool. For more information, see the Bot Builder Tool.

Custom Bots are assigned to users in your company using the Bots Admin console. For more information, see the Bots Admin Console.

Depending on the number of expected Bot tasks consumed by customers, a company can upgrade from the free tasks tier with a maximum of 5000 task executions per month to one of five upgrade tiers ranging from 35,000 – 775,000, or any custom maximum task execution level by contacting our Sales team.

For example, a company can build a Bot that sends notification messages to its customer base asking them to complete certain actions, where each action task completed represents a task execution.
On the Bots Platform, your company is limited to a maximum of 5000 task executions by users per month with a data storage limit maximum of 1GB. When the number of task executions per month is reached, your custom Bots will stop working. The Bots will resume working at the beginning of the next month. To upgrade and get more information about customer tier levels, go to and see Bots for your Customers.

What is the Bot Store?

The Bot Store is where your employees and customers can find our extensive library of built-in Bots for apps and services that you already rely on to get your work done. Useful tasks that are commonly performed via apps and services have been built into each Bot by engineers, eliminating the need for users to manually complete many actions they perform on a daily basis.
There is no limit to the number of Bots your users can set up and install on a number of channels, such as messaging, email, text messaging, and even Facebook Messenger and Slack. For more information, see the Bot Store.

So what is a Task Execution anyway?

Task execution is considered complete on the Bots Platform whenever a successful data transaction takes place between a Bot and your user. A data transaction can be a received notification message from an alert task, or a completed action task, such as update a ticket, in a website, application, or system.
Users can interact with Bots using Natural Language Processing for Bots that are NLP-enabled. Bot conversations are not considered as task executions.

What upgrade plans are available?

The free plan offers up to 5000 task executions by your customers per month for your custom built Bots. If you need more transactions, offers multiple upgrade plans for creating custom Bots and related tasks for customers. To upgrade and get more information about customer tier levels, go to and see Bots for your Customers.
Our Sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.

What type of payment plans are offered?

If you upgrade your account, offers both monthly and annual payment plans. When subscribing to an annual payment plan, you will receive a discounted rate which equates to paying for only ten months rather than twelve months each year.
When you subscribe for an upgrade plan through our sales team, you are enrolled in a fixed subscription plan. Customers who sign up for accounts through our Sales team can enroll in automated plans to accommodate a specific number of new users for a minimum of one year.
Our Sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.

How do I pay for upgrades?

Customers on-boarded by our Sales team can pay with either a credit or debit card, Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment, or wire transfer.
Our Sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.

How does billing work?

Billing is based on your selected upgrade tier and may vary from month-to-month depending on the number of tasks completed by your customers. Billing is paid in advance when you create an account and choose an upgraded tier.
Once subscribed to an upgraded tier, you are billed based on your payment plan as monthly or annual. If you exceed the number of executed tasks in the selected tier upgrade, any overages are billed to your account at the beginning of each new month.

Note: You are billed only based on the number of tasks consumed and NOT on the number of custom bots.

Our Sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.

Can I change upgrade plans?

You want to modify your upgrade plan or change your payment method. For the Bots for your Customers plan, you are billed based on the number of tasks executed each month. Depending on your customer task usage, you can change to a different upgrade plan at any time.
For enterprise accounts on a monthly payment plan, if you switch from a higher level upgrade tier to a lower level tier,  any task execution remaining balance, is applied to the account as discount credits.
Changes in upgrade plans can also be made for accounts on annual payment plans, however, the current commitment must be fulfilled and the change is only applied at the beginning of the next annual billing cycle.
If you change your enterprise account from a paid plan to a free plan, all of your custom built Bots will continue to work until the 5000 task execution limit is reached for the free plan.
Our Sales team will expertly guide you through the setup of your Bots Platform account, and help you with any other requests you may have.